Visit OKC recently produced a bold, new advertising campaign using all local talent and production crew. As part of that process, our team met four local creatives that were featured as spoken word voiceover talent for the Oklahoma City commercials. As we got to know the artists in the voiceover production process, their individual stories and creative contributions to our city were a story worth telling.  

It was important to Visit Oklahoma City to share OKC's story through the eyes of our locals. Visit OKC partnered with Prairie Surf Studios, a local video production team and sound stage, to create the Faces of the Modern Frontier video series. The project provided an outlet for collaborating around the mutual love of our city and creating something better together. These videos are an in-depth spotlight of each artist and what they love about OKC. The crew helped capture each artist in their own environment. There was no script, no pre-set series of questions. This was about capturing authenticity and individuality. 


Meet the featured artists:

Tony Tee is an entertainer, activist and mentor that collaborates with a group of artists at Spark! Creative Lab to create a sense of community in Oklahoma City. 

Nicole Poole is an artist and creative changemaker at Spark! Creative Lab, who uses the power of the arts to bring the Oklahoma City community together. 

Gregory II is a creative visionary that inspires Oklahoma City artists to showcase their talent on stage during Poetry and Chill OKC events and programs. 

Shante Russell is a singer and performer that’s inspired by the support of the Oklahoma City community, who always shows up for artists. 

This collaboration led to a grassroots partnership that reaches multiple generations who are proud to be from OKC and make the destination unique and welcoming.