Established in 1955, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum was named America’s top western-themed museum by True West Magazine earlier this year. Focused on western American culture, this incredible museum draws visitors from across the globe. 

This cultural hub is more versatile than solely a museum or an art exhibition, however, housing six beautiful meeting spaces on the premises. Event coordinators have the option of choosing the Sam Noble Special Event Center, Western States Plaza & Garden and S.B. “Burk” Burnett Board Room as traditional meeting spaces while Prosperity Junction, the Annie Oakley Society Event Center and Town Square are also available for more unique rooms.  

The Sam Noble Special Event Center is a 16,500 square-foot banquet hall decorated with beautiful, 16 by 46 feet triptychs, dubbed “Windows to the West,” by Wilson Hurley. Utilizing the special event center also allows planners access to rent the Western States Plaza & Garden, a gorgeous outdoor space surrounded by pristine pools and breathtaking landscaping. In 2022, the Sam Noble Special Event Center received a set of multi-million-dollar renovations, adding new wood finishes and LED lighting.  

For smaller groups or sessions, the S.B. “Burk” Burnett Board Room serves as the perfect space for a meeting. The room seats 110 people in a banquet-style setting but jumps up to 180 when seated theatre-style.  

Prosperity Junction is one of the most unique event spaces you’ll find in the industry. This portion of the museum serves as a full-scale western town, allowing guests to experience what it was like walking through town-square in the old west. Local storytellers and reenactors can activate the space in a memorable and entertaining way.  

When used as a spot for meetings, this section of The Cowboy is closed to the public and set up to function as a space for gatherings, fully equipped with tables in the streets of the town.  

The Annie Oakley Society Event Center is a classic event venue open for evening meetings and gatherings. The event center can seat up to 150 people but can hold up to 200 individuals in a reception-style setting.  

Town Hall, located in the Liichokoshkomo’ area of the museum, is another great outdoor option for hosting events. Available only in the evening, this peaceful spot fits 250 people theatre-style.