If you’re looking for an inspiring meeting space for small-sized team in the heart of vibrant Oklahoma City, look no further than the Thunder Launchpad. This exceptional meeting space sits just next to Harvey Bakery and is a quick walk from the rest of Midtown.  

After opening in the Monterey building in 2018, the Thunder Launchpad has become a hotspot for local workers. Originally designed and still utilized as an incubator for startups and young businesses, Thunder Launchpad is a versatile space that also has all the AV and logistical capabilities of hosting a small meeting.  

Inside the 20-foot x 13-foot conference room is an elegant 10-person table, surrounded by comfortable chairs and complete with electrical outlets at the center. A mounted 70-inch TV sits on the wall, complete with an HDMI hookup and Apple AirPlay to make the conference room perfect for presentations.  

Directly outside the conference room is Thunder Launchpad's communal workspace, complete with a variety of couches, tables, desks and plenty of other great places to work. Additionally, the communal space is adorned with a whiteboard and TV (both on wheels to increase mobility), giving visitors access to everything they need to have a great meeting or workday.  

The Innovation Lab powered by Google is a 30-foot x 29-foot space that features an 86-inch TV and a PA system with two microphones. 

Thunder Launchpad has been home to many successful Oklahoma businesses. From Ride OKC to Lauren Napier Beauty, this Thunder-owned venue has hosted businesses from almost every industry and successfully accommodated NBA-themed podcasts, educational initiatives, the medical field and many other professionals.  

If you are looking for a great space to organize a meeting in a one-of-a-kind venue, make a stop at 309 NW 13th Street in Oklahoma City. Click here for more information.