Group Dining in Oklahoma City

Thursday, December 12, 2019 by Greg Elwell

The best (and worst) part about visiting a new city is trying to figure out where to eat when you’re not at the conference. Everybody wants to taste some local flavor and return home with an exciting new dish or drink to talk about, but it’s hard to know what’s all hype and what’s the real deal.
If you’re in Oklahoma City a day early for your conference, or if you’ve got a day to kill after, the good news is that there is more to do in this city than you’ll have time to get to. Many of the city’s best sights and destinations are located in or near the urban core, which means you can pack a lot into one day.
The Oklahoma City Streetcar is more than a convenient and affordable means of transportation. It’s also a casual guide to the much of the urban core. The casual circuit around the downtown districts gives you time to focus on the places that are hidden away or overlooked. One of the best uses of the streetcar is as a chauffeur for a movable feast.