What even is bleisure? Although Merriam Webster does not recognize bleisure as a word yet, with a quick Google search, you’ll find that bleisure or a bleisure traveler is “a new breed of traveler who is mixing business with leisure."  Also known as a “bizcation” or “workcation,” employers and employees are seeing a shift in business travel and so the word was coined.  

While it used to be taboo to mix business and pleasure, employees nowadays tack on a few extra days at the beginning or end of a business trip to explore the city, catch up on emails in a new setting or just catch their breath. Gone are the days of flying to Paris for work and not even seeing the Eiffel Tower. 

So if you’re in OKC for business but want to stay for leisure, here are the tops things to do while you’re in town: 

  • Relax and unwind. After a long work trip, you’ll need to decompress. Start with drinks and apps at Pool Bar and Bodega. They offer laid-back, social dining with playful dishes and chilled cocktails as you lounge by the pool catching up on your vitamin D. 

  • Stay at one of these unique hotels. In order to shift into leisure mode, you may opt to change hotels from the hotel that work booked for you to a hotel that matches your vacation vibes. The 21c Museum Hotel Oklahoma City is an ideal pick because the location is a jumping off point for nearby activities and attractions. Bradford House, another great option, will get you out of hustle and bustle of downtown and into a cozy bed and breakfast in another part of town. 

  • Ride the streetcar. If you are staying downtown or want to explore downtown easily, the Streetcar is an excellent option to easily navigate downtown and see restaurants and attractions along the route. Read our Streetcar guide for more information on navigating OKC by Streetcar. 

  • Check out our top attractions. When you’re traveling, you really want to see what makes that city special. Any one of these top attractions can give you a taste of what makes OKC special. Many of these attractions host special events and activities throughout the year, so depending on the time of year, there might be an event taking place. Check our events page for more information.   

  • Eat like a local. While you’re here, you’ll want to try some only-in-OKC eats. Oklahoma City is home to a rich mix of cultures and culinary interests. From BBQ and farm-to-table to Vietnamese cuisine and much more, there's something to satisfy every craving at the hundreds of one-of-a-kind restaurants dotting the city's culinary landscape. 

If you’re in OKC for a business trip, consider taking a few PTO days and exploring the Modern Frontier before you head out again.