(OKLAHOMA CITY) – The Bricktown Association in partnership with the City of Oklahoma City has released an economic impact study which emphasizes Bricktown’s role as the city’s most robust “live, work and play” district whose influence extends well beyond a $1.4 billion impact. The economic impact study was conducted through The Thorberg Collectorate by Russell Evans, Partner and Chief Economist.

“Bricktown is situated on the brink of significant investments happening within and adjacent to the district,” said Jusin O’Neal, Bricktown District Manager. “Through this study, we aimed to demonstrate Bricktown’s contribution to the success of Oklahoma City as we prepare for the future.”

Bricktown is well-known as Oklahoma City’s entertainment district and hub for tourism with a dense offering of hotels, restaurants, attractions, and nightlife establishments. The economic impact of these industries within Bricktown generated over $629 million and supported 5,331 jobs.

Within Bricktown also resides a significant number of companies, professional services and residents. These offices and apartments are primarily situated on the upper floors above the restaurants and attractions that downtown visitors come to enjoy. Through professional services and production of goods, companies and retailers in Bricktown contributed 2,347 jobs. Of the total 280 households in the district, the majority are primarily located at Phase I of The Steelyard Apartments. In addition, the development plans to expand with 150 more apartments through Phase II continuing the growth of the residential population in Bricktown.

Bricktown has a dynamic history of reinventing itself. From an industrial warehouse district to a thriving entertainment district, Bricktown is Oklahoma City’s original “district.” For much of the public, Bricktown was the first area that offered a variety of experiences within walking distance that delivered a distinct sense of place. For Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities, Bricktown is a place of celebration, bringing memories of first dates, birthdays and big-win celebrations after the game. For visitors, Bricktown is the premier experience in Oklahoma City offering attractions, entertainment, and lodging options alongside the other amenities within downtown.

"Bricktown is a vital part of Oklahoma City's economy and this data emphasizes its multi-faceted impact allowing us to advocate for further investment and development from the community," said Downtown Oklahoma City Partnership President and CEO Jennifer Nakayama. A full version of the economic impact study report can be found on the Bricktown Association website, WelcometoBricktown.com.