Anthem Brewing prepares to kick off a new decade of business by modernizing its brand with an updated logo and packaging


Anthem Brewing Company Logo

Anthem Brewing Company, one of Oklahoma's original craft breweries, is releasing a refresh of its company logo and packaging. This refresh will begin in late May, with an announcement of all-new branding, as well as updates to core packaging. Additional package updates will roll out in the following months, alongside a full Taproom refresh in 2020.

Anthem's Director of Sales & Marketing, Derek Duty, said of the updates, "Our old branding had the whimsy of a start-up brewery. Fun ideas on their own, but sort of all over the map when it comes to developing a strong, singular brand and voice. With where our culture, business, and products are now, we felt it was time to give our brewery a sleeker and more modern look that truly shows who we have become a decade into craft beermaking. After nearly two years of working closely on this project, we couldn't be happier with the results."

"Enlisting the help of Upsidedown Design, we explored what the word anthem means to our customers. The overwhelming responses were focused on music, pride, and loyalty. It's no secret that Anthem is a dedicated supporter of the music and artistic communities throughout the state, it's even one of our core values, and we absolutely have the best and most supportive customers, so the data all made perfect sense. Deep down, we knew that the old logo no longer felt appropriate for who we have become and for the quality of the products that we create. Ultimately, it wasn't connecting with our customers the way we thought it had been in previous years, nor doing us any favors in bringing on new fans." 

"With a mountain of research, we were able to thoughtfully develop the new logo, inspired both by a 5-line musical staff and a waving flag. The resulting logo displays Anthem's pride in hand-crafting the best Oklahoma beer and melds it with a passion for music in a sleek way," explained David Hoffner, Creative Director at Upsidedown Design. 

"With the new logo set, we examined how Oklahoma craft beer was being presented on retailer's shelves. With this, we created a can system that is visually impactful yet simple, using a consistent layout for labeling information while billboarding the brand on any shelves. The new system, combined with each beer's unique emblem, makes it a breeze to find your favorite sixer of Anthem beer in any retail location."

We hope that our new brand inspires customers to pair their favorite songs, activities, et cetera with their favorite Anthem beers, creating unique emotional connections between the two. So tell us, What's your Anthem?™


About Anthem Brewing Company

Anthem Brewing is one of Oklahoma's original craft breweries, founded in 2011 by a burning passion for creating world-class beers as unique as the individuals that drink them. Over the years, Anthem has expanded into a well-rounded American Craft Brewery, creating exceptional beers from the old and new world brewing styles alike. Anthem is driven by a passion to bring great people together, to create & share outstanding products, and to build a culture that values Oklahoma pride, craft beer, and one another. Here's to many more years of flying our flag for outstanding beer and even better community. Cheers!