Oklahoma City, OK, Feb 22, 2022 -- DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to announce their newest venture with long-time brand ambassador, Jabee. This new venture is in the form of a one-of-a-kind wireless boombox specially designed for his new restaurant, Eastside Pizza House.

Jabee is a talented hip-hop artist, Emmy Award winner, community activist and entrepreneur. He’s had the idea of opening a restaurant for a while and when the time finally came he knew he could count on DD AUDIO for a Sound Experience!

For a while, DD AUDIO had been contemplating a special product that they could partner on with Jabee that could eventually become a product for DD’s lifestyle lineup. The planning started during the COVID pandemic, and because of all the chip shortages it caused, the project has been put on hold until parts become more readily available. Since DD had been prototyping they had the right piece for the job and after Jabee presented the preliminary design concepts and colors of the restaurant, DD AUDIO’s engineering and design team went straight to work on a boombox design. He wanted something that could be heard clearly without drowning out conversations, but still needed enough reserve power to get loud anytime the dining atmosphere might turn into a party atmosphere.

The end product is a unique wireless boombox using DD AUDIO’s wireless audio module prototype, two DD 6.5” Coaxial speakers and a DD REDLINE RL-SW08, 8” Subwoofer. “The sound is bigger than the box even looks.” Jabee said. If you want to hear it for yourself and try the unique black crust pizza, be sure to visit Eastside Pizza House, located at 734 NE 23rd St in Oklahoma City, OK!