OKLAHOMA CITY - Each Spring, Factory Obscura invites the community to celebrate the changing of seasons at Future of Sound Fest, a free outdoor art and music festival. Featuring a line-up of local music and an artist market filled with a wide array of local vendors, the event is also the release of a new cassette compilation of original music inspired by Factory Obscura’s immersive art experience. Future of Sound Fest will be held Saturday, March 23, 2024 from 2-8 pm at 25 NW 9th St in Downtown Oklahoma City.

Factory Obscura’s building covered in colorful murals serves as a backdrop for the festival, on a street that is well-known for its local food, unique retail, and public art. Inside the building is Factory Obscura’s Mix-Tape, a 6,000 square foot immersive art experience which takes participants on an interactive journey through the emotions that can be expressed through music. These immersive spaces and their corresponding emotions served as inspiration for the original songs featured on Mix-Tape Vol. 5, a cassette compilation being released at Future of Sound Fest.

The Mix-Tape cassette compilation series, now in its fifth year, is led by Factory Obscura’s Talent Booker & Events Producer Lindsey Cox. Each year, Cox invites six local artists to spend time inside the Mix-Tape immersive art experience to draw inspiration from one of the spaces for a new song. They hang out, take notes, brainstorm, and even compose in the space. When it came time to record, Factory Obscura collaborated with Nikolas Thompson for producing, mixing and mastering. These new songs will be performed live at Future of Sound Fest, where the Mix-Tape Vol. 5 cassette will be available for sale in the Bonus Track shop, along with a digital download.

Featured artists on Mix-Tape Vol. 5 are:

In addition to these live musical performances, Factory Obscura has a few more surprises in store for this year’s Future of Sound Fest! The street will be alive with all forms of art, performance, and community. All ages are welcome at this FREE event, sponsored by Automobile Alley Association.

For more information, visit www.factoryobscura.com.