AIA OK Design Awards

The Jones Assembly and James Boswell Architect receive an excellence in design Merit award for Adaptive Reuse in AIA Oklahoma’s 2019 Design Awards. James Boswell nominated The Jones Assembly for the Adaptive Reuse category, where they received a “Merit” in that category. Awards given include Honor (highest, very few given), Merit (just a handful given, nice honor), and Citation (a dozen or more given). Out of 105 total entries only 2 Honors, 6 Merits and 13 Citations were awarded. The Jones was categorized alongside successful projects such as 8th Street Market, OPUBCO – The Oklahoman, and Fire Station No. 8 to name a few out of the twelve in the Adaptive Reuse category. The Jones Assembly and James Boswell are excited and proud of their award and recognition.

“One thing I firmly believe, it takes a great client for us to produce great architecture, great client + great architect = great project! As much credit as we get, Brian (Bogert) and Graham (Colton), and Hall Capital deserve this.” says James Boswell. “This project stands out in its success at preserving the original structure and using its characteristics and feel to create a warm, intimate interior space,” noted the AIA jury.

James Boswell Architect, was a no brainer for The Jones Assembly team when it came to choosing an architect for the project. Boswell spearheaded the adaptive re-use of two historic facilities that were formerly part of The Fred Jones Manufacturing Company complex. From the beginning plans, to opening in July 2017, continued into ongoing projects today, Boswell and team have been necessary contributions to the success of The Jones Assembly.

AIA Oklahoma is a chapter of the American Institute of Architects. The Design Awards are held every other fall to recognize and promote the appreciation of architecture and design. The Jones Assembly team would like to thank James Boswell and his team for their dedicated work to the project and for the recognition in the AIA Design Awards.