JRB Art at the Elms proudly presents "Abstractions of Nature" from September 1rst, 2023 through October 31rst, 2023 exhibition features three remarkable artists: Carol Beesley, who breathes life into geological scenes with vibrant colors; Karen Mosbacher, a synesthetic painter who translates sound into vivid images; and Steven Schmidt, who employs an innovative layering technique using reflection to produce a "halo" effect around selected visual elements. The public is invited to join us on September 1st at JRB Art at the Elms for the opening reception of the exhibition of the three talented artists.

CAROL BEESLEY, painting professor emeritus of the University of Oklahoma and recipient of a National Endowment for the Humanities fellowship, presents, “Rendezvous”. This body of work blends photography and painting to create lively landscapes that vividly capture the essence of Oklahoma and the Southwest. Using on-site visits and her keen photographic eye, Beesley translates geological scenes onto the canvas with a grid system, infusing them with rich colors. Her widely acclaimed solo exhibitions establish her as a notable art figure in the United States and Europe. Using acrylic, watercolor, and oil paints, along with stylized forms and borrowed skies, Beesley's work evolves from simplicity to innovation. Her art encapsulates themes of celebration and preservation, immortalizes beloved places, and offers comfort in a changing world.

Highly regarded American abstract expressionist painter KAREN MOSBACHER presents “Note to (My)self”. A body of work that takes the sounds of classical and jazz music and transforms them into paintings full of rhythm, color, texture, and movement. With her special sensory experiences known as Auditory Tactile and Chromesthesia Synesthesia, Mosbacher infuses her work with the sensations and vivid imagery of sound. Driven by her unwavering love for classical and jazz music, she uses her art to convey the deep emotions within the music. Collaborating with fellow artists, musicians, writers, and poets is her way of sharing the joy of art and inspiring others to live a richer life through creative expression.

Oklahoma City-based contemporary visual artist STEVEN SCHMIDT presents “Halo + Terrain Vague” a body of work that delves into forgotten realms and societal shifts. In his framed paper constructions, Steven’s work draws from history, sociology, music, and modern design. With a background in graphic design, branding, identification management, and broadcast radio, Schmidt's multifaceted approach informs his works. His "Halo" series utilizes natural light reflection to create a glow effect around each element, mimicking neon lighting, while the "Terrain Vague" series explores imaginary and forgotten structures through painted and thoughtfully placed wood.

Don't miss the opening reception of "Abstractions of Nature" on September 1st at JRB Art at the Elms. Immerse yourself in the landscapes of Carol Beesley’s “Rendezvous”. Experience Karen Mosbacher's “Note to (My)self” as she bridges sound and imagery. Delve into Steven Schmidt's “Halo + Terrain Vague” a thought-provoking perspective on modern art. The exhibitions will be open to the public from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., providing an unforgettable evening.

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