An exhibition of three talented Oklahoma artists opens on March 1st, 2024 from 6:00 to 9:00 pm at the award-winning art gallery, JRB Art at The Elms in the historic Paseo Arts District. This show features the contemporary impressionist paintings of Rae Baldridge, Filmmaker and award-winning photographer, Mike Payne, and John Wolfe, an accomplished painter and sculptor of contemporary design.

Emmy-winning filmmaker Matt Payne, CEO of Prairie Surf Creative, leverages his Hollywood experience and accomplishments as an award-winning global travel photographer for outlets such as National Geographic Traveler to enrich Oklahoma's entertainment scene and mentor storytellers. His narrative work includes writing on the CBS shows “Vegas” and “The Defenders” and his documentary film work includes "The Storm Chasers" and the upcoming “The Accelerator." These works, alongside his award-winning and wildly recognized travel photography, showcase his commitment to storytelling and Oklahoma's cultural growth. Payne's exhibit "Oklahoma and the World" at JRB Art at the Elms contrasts global images with Oklahoma's, promoting the state's world-class beauty.

Rea Baldridge, a seasoned Oklahoman artist, combines art with societal commentary through conceptual works and innovative paintings that critique norms. Her upcoming show, "Myth and Trope Abstract Impressions" at JRB At The Elms, is inspired by recent travels and re-readings of Greek Mythology, taking the essence of those tales as subject matter. Baldridge's art illustrates the realms between representation and abstraction, emphasizing an interactive process where viewer imagination plays a crucial role.

Born in Vernon, Texas, on August 23, 1947, John Wolfe, educator and multi-media artist has been deeply influenced by his upbringing in Davidson, Oklahoma. After obtaining his degree in Art Education from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in 1970 and completing his master’s at the University of Central Oklahoma in 1976, Wolfe dedicated 35 years to teaching art in the Mid-West City-Del City School System. He also served as an adjunct art faculty at Rose State College and Adams State University. Wolfe's transition to a full-time studio artist in 2005 marked a pivotal shift in his career, focusing on painting and sculpting. Using abstracted realism, his work encourages viewers to engage with the narratives within each piece. John’s work has been shown in prestigious venues such as the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, the Philbrook Museum of Art, and more. With his upcoming exhibit 'Familiar Things,' Wolfe presents everyday objects in an innovative and thought-provoking way.

Our “Gallerie Nouveau’ will feature the work of Buck Kennedy.


About JRB Art at the Elms

JRB Art at The Elms presents a diverse roster of emerging, established, and internationally exhibited artists who create in a wide range of media including paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, fine crafts, functional objects, fiber art, and photographs. This 8,000-square-foot award-winning gallery in Oklahoma City’s Paseo Arts District changes its exhibits monthly in a gracious environment that fosters a dialogue between the arts and the larger community while providing quality art for first-time buyers as well as individual, corporate, and museum collections.

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