“Origins” by Beth Hammack
“Curated” by Christian Pearson
“Companions” by Sandy McGrath

Just in time for the Paseo Arts Festival which occurs on Memorial Day Weekend, JRB Art at The Elms has organized three spectacular shows which feature several outstanding Oklahoma artists. The work, which will be exhibited through June 30, 2023, includes abstract paintings of all sizes, portraits of animals and people, bronze sculptures, functional and decorative glass work, as well as wooden artisan furniture. On most days visitors to the Gallery will also hear original musical compositions played on the Gallery’s new Baby Grand Piano by Christian Pearson.
Beth Hammack, a longtime Gallery favorite, has created 33 new and distinctive paintings that speak to “origins” of all kinds. Embedded in some of Beth’s popular and colorful abstract paintings are skilled facial portraits. The combination is unexpected and riveting, reminding us that we have all been created by a higher being. Which came first? The color, the shape, the person? Beth leaves it to you, the viewer, to decide.
In the first in a series of shows which will be entitled “Curated,” in which the Gallery will invite a guest Curator to organize an exhibition. Christian Pearson, a talented musician, was asked to organize a show for us. 


Christian used the four natural elements Air, Earth, Water and Fire,” as his organizing principle. The artists Christian selected for his exhibit at The Elms include: Zach Hammack who in his Marking Tree Design Studio focuses on elemental design, sustainable wood craft and boldly functional furniture. Rick and Tracey Bewley are prolific multi-dimensional artists. The signature works in this show are a mix of contrasting materials including fused glass, concrete, acrylic and steel. LaQuincey Reed is an Oklahoma City based sculptor who works in bronze. He worked with Paul Moore on the Oklahoma Land Run sculpture and has crafted a life size figure of Charles G. Jones is completing a lifesize sculpture of Clara Luper for the Clara Luper Civil Rights Center. He has three bronzes on display at JRB Art: “Goddess Diana,” “A Water Nymph,” and “A Young Girl with a Tambourine.”

In her inaugural exhibition at The Elms, “Companions,” Sandy McGrath has painted a stunning array of colorful primitive animals as well as one peacock. When asked about her paintings Sandy says, “Most artists paint what they love. I’m no different. I love all animals, but have a crazy love for dogs. I’m also attracted to the pottery and rugs found in and around Santa Fe and incorporate those shapes and designs into my work.” Most of the paintings on exhibit are current or past companions that will forever live in her heart. Sandy will also accept commissions to paint your favorite companion. She uses a photograph to sketch her subject and transforms it into a contemporary, cartoonish creation that still has the personality and look of the original real life subject.
About JRB Art at The Elms

JRB Art at The Elms presents a diverse roster of emerging, established, and internationally exhibited artists who create in a wide range of media including paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, glass, fine crafts, functional objects, fiber art and photographs. This 8,000 square foot award winning gallery in Oklahoma City’s historic Paseo Arts District changes its exhibits bi-monthly in a gracious environment that fosters a dialogue between the arts and the larger community, while providing quality art for first time buyers as well as individual, corporate and museum collectors.