Paseo artists invite children to jump into imagination at the Magic Lantern Star Ball entitled A Star Tale Told Upon Tiptoe.  A unique time to make art awaits families on Sunday, October 9th from 5:00 to 7:30pm. This hands-on multi-arts event for children and their parents is inspired by interstellar photographs of the stars and galaxies taken by the new Webb Space Telescope. The Star Ball sparks a special time for children to dress as characters found in tales about the sky, come to Paseo to dance at twilight, and make a wish upon a star.

Star children, sky fairies, galactic heroes, constellations, nightingales, winged horses, and legendary creatures found in the sky bring magic to Paseo. Befitting the season of costumes and light, children with their parents begin making costumes at home before the Star Ball. With a little imaginative thinking an authentic costume can be made from the resources at everyone’s fingertips. Look for forgotten treasures: in the back of closets, in the bottom of craft collections, or on the racks of thrift stores. Repurpose what you find in unpredictable ways and be surprised!

On the evening of A Star Tale Told Upon Tiptoe children and parents can walk into studio workshops to top off their costumes. Colorful paper, glitzy bits, ribbons and pumpkin seeds for Star Crowns wait to be fashioned like the jeweled galaxies photographed by the Webb Telescope. Pumpkin Portraits finely detailed from natural materials appear to peer into the full moon.  A Wish Finder helps children create their own star tale with a wish.

When it is time to dance, whispering music can be heard beckoning every child to quietly take their first step upon a star labyrinth painted on the street. Spinning to life like an open page in a storybook, the star labyrinth becomes a weaving of children swirling wishes across the sky. Floating and sailing, children follow the dancers of StarDanceSwan to the celestial songs by Steve McLinn, Ojas Music. A Star Tale Told Upon Tiptoe ends when wishes fill the dancing space and linger in the stars to remind us of the wonders we possess in our creative imaginations.

A Star Tale Told Upon Tiptoe is in the tradition of the community events developed for children over the past 20 years by Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan. Workshops are at the Paseo Art & Creative Center, Paseo Pottery and StarDanceSwan from 5:00 to 6:30 pm. The Star Ball is outside on the street from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. Activities are located on the north end of Paseo at 30th and Dewey.  All activities are free.  Donations are accepted to help cover the costs of the event.  A Star Tale is made possible through the support by the Oklahoma Arts Council, the Paseo Arts Association and Theatre Upon a StarDanceSwan. For information call the Paseo Arts Association at 405-525-2688.