Oklahoma City, OK (February 14, 2024) – Every first Friday of the month, the Paseo Arts District hosts First Friday Gallery Walk. This monthly event provides visitors with new artwork, live entertainment and great food, all within walking distance. For March, the Paseo Arts Association will open three new exhibitions at the Paseo Arts and Creativity Center. These shows include Catherine Chapman in Gallery I, The March Show in Gallery II and Because I Can in Gallery III. These shows will open with a reception on March 1, during First Friday, from 6-9pm at 3024 Paseo. 

Catherine Chapman is an artist from Noble, OK. For the last seven years, she has used pen and ink, watercolor and acrylics to produce portraits that focus on the diversity and beauty of people and cultures, capturing the emotions and feelings of the subjects. Chapman’s intention with her painted portraits is to present the subjects in a simplified way, while reducing the noise normally seen in traditional photographs.

Each March, the Paseo Arts Association hosts The March Show, an all-medium visual exhibit centered around a different theme in the Paseo Arts & Creativity Center. This year’s theme is “Storytellers” and the juried exhibit features artwork from 29 different artists from across Oklahoma. Each piece reflects on a story originating from different histories, objects, personal experiences and cultural narratives. This year’s exhibition is juried by Mattie Barlow, Manager of Archives & Curatorial Projects at the Oklahoma Hall of Fame at Gaylord-Pickens Museum. 

Finally, Because I Can is an exhibit by Oklahoma artist Pauline Tallent. Ever since she was a child, Tallent has been a passionate artist. She started sewing at the age of seven and oil painting at the age of nine. Tallent’s mindset from sewing would be applied to her method of painting, using line and space as tools to make two-dimensional art appear three-dimensional. Tallent focuses on subject matter which gives her the ability to assemble abstract shapes or spaces within something real. Her exhibit will feature a selection of oil paintings displaying unique compositions of nature, as well as mixed media assemblage.  

Special guests musicians playing at the Flamenco Sculpture: Duo Jeffrey Stevenson and Bee Pichardo of Bee and the Hive.

For more information, call the Paseo Arts Association at (405) 525-2688 or email amanda@thepaseo.org. Visit thepaseo.org/join for membership information.