Partnership honored for collaborative PR efforts for the First Americans Museum grand opening The Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau, in partnership with Chickasaw Country won the Destiny Award for Public Relations Campaign at the Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations (ESTO) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The joint campaign promoted the opening of the First Americans Museum through national media coverage and generated awareness of cultural attractions and experiences in Oklahoma City and south-central Oklahoma.

"We continue to be grateful for our strong partnership with Chickasaw Country and for this architectural, must-see masterpiece right here in the heart of OKC,” said Zac Craig, President of the OKC CVB. “World-class attractions like the First Americans Museum are catching attention nationally and then leading media and visitors to discover other nearby experiences.”

The Destiny Awards recognize U.S. Travel Association destination members for excellence and creative accomplishments in destination marketing and promotion at the local and regional level; and foster the development of imaginative and innovative destination marketing promotion programs and activities.

With creative coordination between the OKC CVB and Chickasaw Country, both organizations’ resources were maximized, and journalists stayed in Oklahoma for an extended period of time to experience what each destination has to offer. This collaboration provided a variety of editorial angles since these journalists contribute to a variety of media outlets.

“This award demonstrates our commitment to make Chickasaw Country a national and international destination with the help of our great partners at the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau,” said Paige Williams Shepherd, the Chickasaw Nation Director of Tourism.

The OKC CVB and Chickasaw Country teams look forward to partnering in the future, most notably for the grand opening of the OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark which is expected to open in 2024.