Oak & Ore, craft beer bar and restaurant in Oklahoma City’s Plaza District, is introducing Oklahoma’s first “long pour” method for pilsner beer on Thursday, May 23, at 6pm. The first 20 patrons that order a long pour lager the night of the event will receive free custom glassware. As the name implies, the long pour ritual highlights the art and craft of brewing and also of serving beer. The process takes patience, and around five minutes from start to finish, but the end result is a beautiful glass of pilsner with a softened carbonation and enhanced flavor. “Slow pouring is pretty standard and traditional in Europe, especially Germany, for serving pilsners,” said Micah Andrews, owner of Oak & Ore, “and recently it’s been popularized here in America by Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Colorado with their Slow Pour Pils. The process makes a surprising difference in the flavor and feel of the beer. I’ve wanted to offer this for some time now. Bierstadt's commitment to popularizing the method was an inspiration, and they've been
incredibly supportive with advice as we get ready to bring slow pours to Oklahoma." Long Pour Lager continues Oak & Ore's commitment to serving the highest quality craft beer as the brewer intended. Exacting care is taken with their specially engineered draft system and beer-specific glassware to deliver the perfect pour at the right temperature every time. The rotating beers for the Long Pour Lager project will be on a dedicated, stainless steel sidepull tap imported from the Czech Republic and built specifically for pouring traditional European pilsners. The beer itself will be served in custom glassware created to highlight the pilsner's foam and brilliant color. "We've collaborated with Stonecloud to brew Czech Please to kick off the program," Andrews said. "Each quarter we'll team up with a different brewery to brew a traditional pilsner. Our next collaborations will be with Prairie Artisan Ales, Heirloom Rustic Ales and Marshall Brewing. Our conversations about the program have been very fun, from a beer geek's perspective at least!" In addition to the new long pour lager program, Oak & Ore will introduce a summer solstice cocktail and beverage menu on June 21, and continue their quarterly Brew U education series, with local brewers presenting talks on a range of topics relevant to the industry. For more information, follow Oak & Ore on social media and visit oakandore.com.