OKC Black Restaurant Bingo (#RestaurantBingo) is back with more foodie options. Beginning February 1st – 28th, foodies participating in the game complete a bingo pattern to win prizes (a line with four squares in a diagonal, horizontal, vertical row, or BlackOut).

As of today, 500 adventurous foodies have downloaded the #RestaurantBingo Card.  Each download represents $100 in direct spending to the local economy through participating, Black-Owned locations.  Our goal is to achieve 2,000 downloads before the end of this campaign during Black History Month. Representing $200,000 in direct spending to the local economy.

Each restaurant bingo card contains foodie squares and 1 freebie square situated on a 4 by 4 grid. 



1.      Download your free #RestaurantBingo Card at www.okcblackeats.com/restaurantbingo.

2.      Visit the local destinations listed on the #RestaurantBingo Card.

3.      Keep proof your visits. Snap pictures of your food & selfies.

4.      Tag @OKCBlackEats with the hashtag #RestaurantBingo in your photos and videos.

5.      When you have visited a full row of locations (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or BlackOut), email



Email events@okcblackeats.com a copy of your completed bingo card. Make sure you follow the rules to win. 🙂

Email info@okcblackeats.com for media requests or call (405) 210-1275.


About OKC Black Eats:

OKC Black Eats, L.L.C. provides expertise in marketing solutions, including digital marketing and techniques to improve its clients’ positioning in the marketplace.  In August 2017, Apollo founded OKC Black Eats to increase awareness and visibility of Black-Owned restaurants and small businesses in he OKC Metro Area.

Our Mission Is Bigger Than Food!