Oklahoma City, OK, October 12, 2023: Oklahoma City Ballet opens their 52nd season with an exploration of revenge, betrayal, and love in Stephen Mills’ Hamlet, October 27-29 at the
Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall.

Oklahoma City Ballet’s Hamlet is a fresh, sleek take on the timeless Shakespearean classic. The award-winning work features innovative sets, costumes inspired by Giorgio Armani, and
haunting music by American composer Philip Glass. Choreographer Stephen Mills serves as the artistic director of Ballet Austin and has won critical acclaim for his sophisticated rendition of
this centuries-old story.

“Many people are familiar with the story of Hamlet (or even Disney’s The Lion King, which is based on Hamlet). In this ballet, the themes of vengeance, love, and betrayal are told through
expressive movement and powerful music, all in under one and a half hours”, said Oklahoma City Ballet Artistic Director, Ryan Jolicoeur-Nye. “Oh, and there will be sword fighting!,” he adds.

Filled with complicated choreography, Hamlet challenges the dancers with every gesture important to convey the dramatic story. In addition to demanding physical movements, dancers
must also inhabit the emotional depths of characters they will play, requiring eloquent acting and storytelling through their expressions.

“This ballet is filled with romance, violence, forbidden love, and tragedy – the perfect formula for an unforgettable performance. It is a familiar story told through world-class choreography” said
Jo Lynne Jones, Executive Director of Oklahoma City Ballet. “It is simply breathtaking.”

This version of Hamlet skillfully distills Shakespeare’s complex, centuries-old story down to its key narrative elements. Through collaborations with notable artists, this production is both visually and viscerally thrilling.

Breaking from a traditional staging of the tragic play, the towering set purposely has no specific time or place, showing the timelessness of Shakespeare’s story and themes. Metallic surfaces
and translucent fabrics, expertly lit by Tony Tucci’s lighting designs, help to define the mood. The costume designer chose to costume the dancers in suits inspired by Giorgio Armani’s designs and sleek cocktail dresses. Hamlet features a riveting compiled score of music from Philip Glass’ extensive symphonic and film works, including Violin Concerto, Dance Pieces from In The Upper Room, and music from the films Anima Mundi and Mishima.

Performances of Hamlet will take place on Friday, October 27 at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, October 28 at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, October 29 at 2:00 p.m. Single tickets start at $35 and may be purchased by calling Oklahoma City Ballet at 405-848-TOES (8637) or online at www.okcballet.org or by calling the Civic Center Box office at 405-297-2264. All performances take place at the Civic Center Music Hall, 201 North Walker, Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City Ballet is offering a lottery for this production, in which winners pay just $15 for tickets to Hamlet. Patrons can enter the lottery online at https://www.okcballet.org/lottery/. The lottery will open October 16 and winners will be announced on October 23.

Season tickets are also on sale. For more information, tickets, and list of available performances, call 405-838-TOES (8637), visit okcballet.org, or follow Oklahoma City Ballet on social media @okcballet.