The Oklahoma Native Plant Network kickoff event will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, September 30 at the Oklahoma County Extension Center, 2500 NE 63rd

The inaugural event will host 16 native plant growers, a bevy of garden designers and companies devoted to maintaining native gardens. There will be children’s activities as well as nonprofit organizations with ties to native plants and the environment. Benjamin Vogt, author of Prairie Up, along with 10 other speakers will give talks on subjects including “Turning a Lawn into a Native Plant Garden”, “Planting for Pollinators”, and “What is a Native Plant?”.

The Oklahoma Native Plant Network was formed to help promote the use and availability of plants that are indigenous to the state of Oklahoma. A main goal of the ONPN is to promote the nurseries already growing OK native plants as well as be a resource to help more nurseries propagate and offer native plants. Native plants provide food and habitat to support pollinators, improve soil health, prevent erosion, reduce air pollution, provide many other ecological benefits, and they are BEAUTIFUL. The demand for native plants is growing at exponential rates and the availability is slim. We aim to change that. Some of the nurseries in attendance will be Wild Things Nursery, Prairie Wind Nursery, Midwest Propagation and Native Plants OKC. 

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