September 14, 2019 at Civic Center Music Hall

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic is proud to present “Oklahoma Stories” for its Opening Night, featuring a diversity of sound, from the iconic Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, the Arutunian Trumpet concerto featuring the spirited Matilda Lloyd, and a special section celebrating an orchestral tone poem by Cherokee composer Jack Kilpatrick in one of the first LIVE performances since the discovery of more than 36 compositions in the archives at OU last summer. In addition, Maestro Mickelthwate has commissioned a piece entitled Grand Entry Medley, arranged by Patrick Conlon and Christina Giacona, featuring Tim Nevaquaya on Native American flute, as well as drummer and singer John Hamilton.

The performance takes place 8PM at the Civic Center Music Hall.

For more information or to purchase tickets, call 405-"TICKETS"

(842-5387) M-F 9 AM-5 PM, or visit or or call 405-297-CCMH. Fees apply.

Says Alexander Mickelthwate about his programming, “The discovery over the 2018 summer of the musical oeuvre of Cherokee composer Jack Kilpatrick (1915 - 1967) is a major historical find. He is the first ever classical American Indian composer and feeds right into my vision of finding and telling “Oklahoma Stories.” We will perform one of his shorter tone poems depicting Cherokee culture played by a symphony orchestra. The Arutunian Trumpet Concerto is romantic and fun, and we haven’t had a trumpet concerto in a very long time. Audiences will love English soloist Matilda Lloyd who is a young voice on the scene, and will bring a fresh take on classical music. Finally, Beethoven Symphony No. 5 stands on its own. As a German I have a deep connection to Beethoven and to the 5th Symphony in particular. It is one of the first philosophical symphonies taking the audience on a journey from dark to light.”

Join Mickelthwate for a concert pre-view talk in the Thelma Gaylord Theater, FREE to all ticket holders, at 7:00PM.

The OKC Phil is pleased to have Inasmuch Foundation as presenting sponsor for the 2019-2020 Classics Series, with additional support from Molly & Jim Crawley and 405 Magazine. Together with these sponsors the OKCPHIL is orchestrating passion for excellence in orchestral music in central Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma City Philharmonic has gained recognition as one of the nation’s premier regional orchestras. Tracing its roots to 1924, the Oklahoma City Philharmonic was formed in 1988 under the musical direction of Founder and Music Director Emeritus Joel Levine and began a new era with the passing of the baton to Maestro Alexander Mickelthwate in 2018. The Orchestra remains steadfast in its mission “to provide inspiration and joy for the community through orchestral music.” Through its consistent commitment to excellence, the Oklahoma City Philharmonic strives to enrich lives, expand cultural development, educate future generations, and provide audiences with a diverse and inspirational performance experience. Committed to expanding its reach well beyond the concert hall, the Oklahoma City Philharmonic enjoys a close collaborative relationship with Oklahoma’s colleges and universities as well as the city’s other premier arts organizations including Oklahoma City Ballet and Canterbury Voices. Additionally, the Phil presents the free, annual Red, White and Boom concert on July 3rd. This event includes a spectacular fireworks display and is attended by thousands from across the metro each year. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 405-"TICKETS" (842-5387), or visit