OKLAHOMA CITY (March 4, 2022) Returning this month, The American Banjo Museum will once again offer their free award-winning program: “Pick-a-Tune with Lucas.” Since 2016 the free class has placed the banjo in the hands of nearly 500 women, men and children aging from 6 to 86! The class, intended for those who have never played banjo, is held in the museum’s ‘Learning Lounge,’ giving an overview of the instrument’s design, history, playing styles and includes a bit of humor; all while teaching how to play the first part of a bluegrass song. By 2020 the interest for this class led to an increase in programs offered as the waitlist was backed up for months, however; along with many events and programs, the COVID-19 Pandemic brought the in-person class to an indefinite hold.

Starting March 26, 2022, participants will once again arrive on a Friday or Saturday afternoon where they are leant a banjo- provided by the Deering Banjo Company who is a sponsor of the class. Students are limited to five to keep the class personal and productive. After completing basic playing styles each are given a music chart and chord sheet along with information if one wishes to pursue the banjo. Participants also have free admission to the museum the day of their class.

“Few things are as rewarding than to see someone’s face light up when they play an instrument for the first time,” said Lucas Ross who serves as Outreach and Promotion coordinator, “Every class is different, and I get a front row seat to see the next generations of banjoists!”

The ‘Pick-a-Tune’ program has created interest in music, a growth in membership and increase in those who have gone on to play the banjo. Reservations are required and can be made by visiting americanbanjomuseum.com/pick-a-tune or by calling 405-604-2793.

• Awarded the 2019 Oklahoma Museum Association Award for Outstanding Outreach and Education

• Listed in the book 100 Things to do in Oklahoma City Before You Die.