OKLAHOMA CITY – OKC RIVERSPORT Juniors Rowing has developed a reputation for producing high-quality collegiate rowers. This trend continues as four OKC RIVERSPORT seniors have signed to row at universities around the country. 

Ceylan Algan will represent Oklahoma City at the Ohio State University, Willow Grimmett at the University of Kansas, Ellie Walker at Smith College in Massachusetts, and Keaton Knopp will join the rowing program at Oklahoma City University. 

Since the rowing program began, OKC RIVERSPORT seniors combined have received nearly $13 million in scholarships.  

The list of RIVERSPORT athletes graduating and committed universities include: 



Committed University  

Ceylan Algan 

Ohio State University 


Willow Grimmett   


University of Kansas 

Ellie Walker  


Smith College   

Izzy White  


Loyola University of Chicago 

Keaton Knopp 


Oklahoma City University  


Carson Hensley  

Oklahoma State University 


Joshua Houpt  


Zander Leffel 


James McAffrey 


Owen McCool 


Sam Pitman 

University of Oklahoma  


Oklahoma State University   


Harvard University  


University of Florida 


Western Colorado State 


RIVERSPORT athletes Jackson Murphy, Hudson Croak, and Jorge Calderon will also join their team mates on the road to higher education but are still in the process selecting a University.    

OKC RIVERSPORT Juniors Rowing is open to Oklahoma City high school and middle school students and offers more than $30,000 in scholarships every year to help students cover the costs of rowing fees and travel expenses.