Fall is the time to plant for spring’s cheerful and radiant flowers

As winter winds down and transitions into spring, visitors to Scissortail Park will be treated to blankets of delightful and bright daffodils in several areas on the grounds. Volunteer groups have been assisting horticulture staff of the park to ensure that the first-ever spring bulbs to be planted in the Park are nestled into the ground in time for winter.

“Spring flowering bulbs like daffodils should be planted in the fall so they have time to establish roots and build energy for flowering in early spring,” said Lance Swearengin, Scissortail Park director of horticulture. “In keeping with our commitment to display native plants and trees, the hearty and bright yellow daffodils will naturalize in the landscape and blend in with our native plant selections. Daffodils are natives of Europe, but fit in nicely with a woodland landscape like ours.”

The Park is planting nearly 40,000 daffodil bulbs in several spots around the grounds including along the Grand Promenade on Robinson Avenue, Oklahoma City Boulevard, the Children’s Playground and more.

The flowers are expected to be in full bloom in early spring – late February into early March of 2020. Park staff intends to plant additional bulbs each year so that over the course of several years, the blooms will be established in priority areas throughout the entire park.

To learn more about the Park, or to volunteer to help the horticulture department, go to scissortailpark.org.

The new Scissortail Park is in the heart of a revitalized downtown Oklahoma City. This public space is part of the MAPS 3 program that envisions a healthy and vibrant quality of life for our city while serving as an investment in the future. Every detail is designed for connection – with nature, neighbors and ourselves. It is a place for play, culture, celebration and inspiration.

Scissortail Park features a variety of engaging experiences within 70 urban acres ranging from ornamental gardens and woodlands, to a lake and boathouse, children’s playground, grand promenade, water features, outdoor roller rink, an enclosed dog park, interactive fountain and much more.

Designed by one of the foremost landscape architecture planning firms in the world, Hargreaves Associates, the Park is also a horticultural tapestry of native prairie grasses, lush flower gardens and tree-lined walkways. Together we have created something spectacular. For everyone.

Scissortail Park is managed by Scissortail Park Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.