Oklahoma City Fire Department Chief Greg Merrill will be leading Swiftwater Rescue training this Friday, August 5, 2022, 8:00a-1:00p, and then will train for night rescues starting at 7:30p. 

Considering all the flooding happening around the country, it’s increasingly important for local first responders to have this life-saving training. RIVERSPORT Rapids regularly hosts Swiftwater Rescue Training courses such as the one on Friday which includes both day and night rescue techniques.

The last week in August, RIVERSPORT is hosting a Swiftwater Rescue Conference for first responders from across the nation. It will be followed by the first Swiftwater Championship Games on September 2.

Swiftwater training consists of response concepts, hydrology and water characteristics, hazards, rope throwing, rescue tactics, shore-based rescue operations, rescue equipment, and medical considerations. These skills are learned in classroom-based theory and land-based skills. Participants will get on the flatwater to test theories and advance new skills and then participants will hone their skills in a swift water environment on the RIVERSPORT Rapids.