Oklahoma City, OK (February 8, 2024) – The Paseo Arts Association invites you to see the work of Filipino artist Carlos “Totong” Francisco II and his curated exhibit, Journey. This exhibit features a collection of large-scale paintings from Totong’s career, all following themes of growth and reflection. Journey is currently on display in Gallery I of the Paseo Arts and Creativity Center, 3024 Paseo, from Feb. 2-24.


Carlos “Totong” Francisco II is a versatile artist from Angono, Philippines who has been painting since the age of 14. Totong’s artistic history traces back to his grandfather: renowned Filipino muralist Botong Francisco. In 1994, he obtained a BFA in Painting from St. Thomas University and became a full-time artist in 1996. Totong believes art has no boundaries and sees his work as a bridge to the unconscious mind. His work focuses on themes that are visceral, symbolical, transitional and metaphysical. Totong’s approach to painting draws inspiration from Abstract Expressionists and Figurative Automatism. His methods include using specialized sponge rollers across a canvas to create ethereal forms with a cubist appearance.


Totong’s intent with Journey is to show how art reflects the journey of life. Through vibrant, cubist-style paintings, viewers are encouraged to uplift the creative mind, while reflecting on their own human experience. Paintings in this exhibition include selections from Totong’s Nude Conversations and Flight series, along with other individual paintings.


The paintings in this exhibition were provided to the PAA from the private collection of Dr. Oscar Castro, an Endocrinologist from based in Lawton, Oklahoma. Since the late 1990s, Dr. Castro has accumulated a vast collection of artwork from artists around the globe. Dr. Castro hopes to use his collection to inspire artists of all generations and to remind visitors about the influence art can have.


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