OKLAHOMA CITY – Prepare to be transported to a realm of pure wonder and magic at Factory Obscura, located in the heart of downtown Oklahoma City. Launching on October 1 and running until November 5, 2023, HOPPIS promises an enchanting adventure, inviting all to experience the convergence of reality and fantasy across five mesmerizing immersive habitats.

The extraordinary world of HOPPIS is a testament to creativity and imagination, masterfully curated by the visionary Project Director Leslie Hensley and a talented team of diverse artists. From visual magicians to musical virtuosos, dancers to acrobats, this collective has meticulously crafted an unprecedented experience that will leave you spellbound.

Explore HOPPIS in two ways:

  • HOPPIS Daily Admission: Dive into the vibrant HOPPIS habitats, and keep your eyes peeled for elusive glimpses of the magical inhabitants within.

    • Hours: Mon-Wed-Thu 11-7 | Fri 11-8 | Sat 10-8 | Sun 12-6 | Closed Tuesday (Hours may vary on performance dates.)

    • Tickets: $8 Adults | $6 Kids | 3 & Under Free

  • HOPPIS Performance Experiences: Witness the awakening of the HOPPIS world during these exclusive after-hours performances, where the creatures come to life in a mesmerizing display of artistry.

    • Performance Dates: October 5-22 | Thursday-Saturday 7-9pm | Sunday 4-6pm

    • Tickets: $40 Adults | $30 Kids | Save $5 when you buy before October 1!

Lead Artist Leslie Hensley shared her thoughts: “HOPPIS is an imaginative sanctuary of hope, a blend of imagination and community. It's an escape that's also a revelation—a fleeting moment of gazing at the sky, watching clouds morph into whimsical shapes while your imagination takes flight.”

Collaborating on this visionary project are esteemed talents: Austin Tatious, Ian Harms, Zeke Varnell, Nikolas Thompson, Thorne Poorman, Thomas Surratt, and Eboni Adams.

Each habitat within HOPPIS is a heartfelt tribute to a cherished friend of Hensley's who has passed away. The environments and inhabitants encapsulate the vibrant essence of their personalities, making this project an expression of love and remembrance for those who have shaped us.

Hensley shared her motivation: “Creating these worlds is my way of exploring, healing, and preserving the memory of loved ones. It's a reminder that together, as a community, we can find strength and continue moving forward.”

Do not miss this golden opportunity to be part of an awe-inspiring adventure! Step into a realm where imagination thrives, sustainability dazzles, and the extraordinary metamorphoses into reality.

HOPPIS is open from October 1-November 5, 2023 at Factory Obscura, 25 NW 9th St in downtown Oklahoma City. Tickets and more information are available at www.factoryobscura.com.