Summer in Oklahoma is hot, and nothing cools you off like a crisp lager from one of your favorite local breweries. Lagers can be brewed to be super light, golden amber or even dark black in color. Each comes with a unique twist, and OKC knows how to brew up some tasty treats. Here’s our Top 5 Lager Beer Hop selections: 

  1. Roughtail Brewing’s Lagertija - If you’re looking for a craft beer offered with salt and lime, this is the beer for you. An American lager with a 5.3% ABV, this brew is crisp and clean. Guaranteed to quench your thirst on a hot day, a cold Lagertija is perfect for both pool parties and taco Tuesdays. Grab a pint and a six pack to share with your friends. They’ll thank you! 

  1. Stonecloud Brewing’s Nite and Lite combo - I always love going to Stonecloud in the former Sunshine Cleaners building for a cold brew. These two beers are like the yin and yang of lagers. Stonecloud Lite is “made for drinking, not thinking” and is indeed crisp and delicious. Stonecloud Nite is a dark lager smooth and malty. Both are worthy of a top 5 spot, and we think you’ll agree. After taking down a pint or two, make sure to snap a photo of the awesome mural in the parking lot before you leave. 

  1. The Big Friendly’s Built For Comfort - This American lager clocks in at a 5.1% ABV and goes down oh so smoothly. With a slightly more amber color, Built For Comfort gives you a robust lager flavor with a delicious finish. While sipping on your lager, take in the unique architecture of this gorgeous brewery then head over to the Wheeler ferris wheel to see the beautiful OKC skyline. 

  1. Fair-Weather Friend’s Northern Flicker - If you’ve never been to Fair-Weather Friend, you MUST put this beer on your list. Located in downtown directly across from Beer City Music Hall, this brewery is a stone’s throw from Stonecloud Brewery and 21C Hotel. The Northern Flicker is unlike any other lager in OKC. It’s a malt-forward Vienna lager with notes of toasted bread and pumpernickel. Check it out and grab a wood-fired pizza while you’re at it. You’ll love them both! 

  1. Elk Valley’s Tenkiller - Did you know that all pilsners are lagers? You do now. The Tenkiller pilsner is a crisp and refreshing German-American brew with a light floral hop profile. It’s the perfect beer for lake trips and weekend parties with friends. Sip on a pint in their Midtown District taproom and grab a six or 12 pack for the road. Also keep an eye out for their Trophy Club - a membership that gets you access to exclusive releases, swag, parties and more. This opportunity goes fast and is coveted by craft beer fans across the state. 

Whether you’re looking for a lager that’s light and crisp or something a little more unique, these breweries won’t leave you disappointed. Lots of other OKC breweries brew lagers, but these hold a special place in our beer-loving hearts. 


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