Next to college football, Oktoberfest pints are the best part of fall’s arrival in Oklahoma. Although technically a sweet lager known as a Märzen, Oktoberfests have become a staple in the fall beer lineup in taprooms across the metro. Here’s our top 5 Oktoberfest Beer Hop selections: 

  1. Coop Ale Works’ Oktoberfest: Clocking in a 5.6% ABV, this special brew combines Munich malt, Bavarian hops and a traditional German yeast to produce one of Oklahoma’s best Oktoberfest beers. We love how the logo also features a smiling bear in the shape of a K holding a stein full of tasty beer. Snag a pint in their taproom or a 4-pack to go. You won’t regret it! 

  1. Twisted Spike’s Spiketoberfest: This classic Märzen-style lager features a rich malt flavor with a hint of caramel sweetness. Like many of Twisted Spike’s other brews, this beer is delicious and has a dry, hoppy finish that doesn’t disappoint. With a 5.8% ABV, you can enjoy a few pints in their downtown taproom. 

  1. Anthem Brewing’s Oktoberfest: With a can logo that features a pretzel-shaped crown, Anthem’s version of the Oktoberfest is a 5.5% ABV Märzen-style lager. While listening to a classic polka tune, enjoy it in your favorite stein, available in their massive taproom or on store shelves across the state. 

  1. Lively Beerworks’ Oktoberfest: Instead of serving up a Märzen-style beer, Pat and the crew at Lively Beerworks have a festbier Oktoberfest on tap. It has a rich golden yellow color and lacks the traditional malty aroma of other Oktoberfest beers. At 5.8% ABV, this brew is exactly what the modern Oktoberfest festivals in Germany are serving up in 2022. 

  1. OK Cider Co.’s Appletoberfest: This one is special. Instead of brewing a Märzen or a festbier, Tim has created a cider in the style of an Oktoberfest. This ambered lager cider clocks in a 6.2% ABV and goes down oh-so smoothly. Stop by their taproom on Sheridan any day of the week. You won’t be disappointed. 

If you’ve never experienced an Oktoberfest beer from an Oklahoma brewery, now's the time to grab a pint and enjoy the season. As you’re sipping your beer, imagine a cool breeze, the rustle of fallen leaves and the roar of the crowd as your favorite football team scores a winning touchdown. Life is good! 

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