Brunch remains a popular event for at least two reasons: You can sleep late and still have something vaguely breakfast-y, and you can drink at 10 a.m. just by saying, “It’s brunch." Brunch is, for lack of a better description, the one meal service at which rules are regularly broken. Vodka for breakfast? As long as you add tomato juice. Champagne with your orange juice? Yes, as long as you still put it in a flute. How about some fried chicken with your waffles? And so it goes!

We love brunch, and we know you do, too. Oklahoma City has brunch in multiple categories, and the common thread is great service, delicious food and a fun atmosphere for your weekend indulgence. 

Bradford House

Chef Caleb Stangroom’s food is stellar, which you’ll notice immediately with brunch dishes like the smothered (gruyere mornay) breakfast sandwich, fried chicken benedict or French toast made with freshly baked milk bread from 30th Street Market. While you’re there, grab a cardamom bun or other baked treat.

Cafe Kacao

You won’t find a more popular spot for brunch in the metro than this Guatemalan spot on the north end of the Asian District. Start with a horchata latte, and then dive into motulenos, tikal or chilaquiles. Get a plate of delicious pancakes for the table, trust me.  

Hatch Early Mood Food

Start with the loaded hash brown tumblers, and then dive into benedicts, omelets breakfast sandwiches and sweets. The trick here is to pick your three favorite benedicts for the benedict flight. An excellent and delicious idea.  

Frida Southwest

If you just got the fried chicken without the waffles, we’d understand. It’s that good. But get the waffles, too. They’re delicious. While you’re there, don’t skip the jumbo cinnamon roll with ancho cinnamon and orange cream cheese glaze. It’s about the size of five stacked dinner plates, but they have a handy container to take the rest home in. They just got a James Beard Award nomination for their bar program, too, so be sure to have the full experience. 

The Jones Assembly

As much a social hub as a restaurant and bar, Jones is a legitimate hotspot with one of the city’s best bar programs. Start with ricotta toast or deviled eggs, and then move on to French toast, breakfast burritos or a delicious croque madame.  

Neighborhood Jam

With locations in Midtown and north OKC, brunch at this Hal Smith Restaurant concept is convenient. The coffee and cocktail programs are excellent, as are the biscuits with house-made jam. They have sweets, sandwiches, breakfast tacos and traditional breakfast, so there is something for everyone.  

Red Rooster

Andrea Koester’s quirky spot just off Paseo in Edgemere has quickly become one of OKC’s go-to brunch destinations, and for good reason. It’s a scratch kitchen with a baker on staff, so all the breads are freshly baked. She also has excellent choices for vegetarians, vegans and celiacs. The pastrami hash is excellent, as is Croque a Doodle Doo, but be sure to have the donut bread pudding with donuts from Red Rooster’s sister shop, Holey Rollers.    

Scratch Kitchen and Cocktails

Chef Zach Hutton received his first James Beard nomination last year, largely on the strength of his slow food and local sourcing philosophy. It’s all made from scratch, and it’s all sourced as close to the restaurant as possible. Settle in and enjoy a cocktail and conversation while you wait for your waffle of the day, brunch steak or one of the city’s best burgers (add an egg; it’s brunch).  

Social Deck and Dining

The menu is diverse, with items from blueberry donuts to baked eggs with lamb kefta, a delicious breakfast sandwich and tikka masala you have to try to believe. Plenty of patio seating is available for when the weather is appropriate.