I love a warm cup of coffee in the morning as much as the next guy. But when it’s 105 degrees outside, I replace my morning cup of joe with a crisp and cool iced beverage. Coffee shops around OKC prepare for this summer heat each year and have great options for iced coffees. Here are some favorites of mine. 


Summer Love Latte at Coffee Slingers 


Love is in the air and in the coffee at Coffee Slingers. This iced latte is made with lavender blackberry syrup that evokes all the best parts of summer with its fruity and floral notes. They also have a classic cold brew, if you’d rather stick with the basics. 


Peachy Dream at Perets Dessert & Coffee Bar 


Blended to perfection with vanilla ice cream and peach syrup, the Peachy Dream at Perets will caffeinate and cool you down. They also have cold brew coffee and snacks and treats to fuel you up. 



Café Latte with Brown Sugar at Momocha 


You either love it or hate it. Boba, that is! Personally, I’m a fan. So why not add it to your iced latte? Momocha’s coffee is made with locally sourced organic coffee beans every morning and pairs beautifully with their deliciously sweet brown sugar syrup. While you’re there, try the croffles or mochi donuts. They are really one-of-a-kind. 


Blueberry Cold Foam Matcha at Willow Coffee Company 


Matcha is technically not coffee, but it is excellent iced, so it made the list. You can get Willow's blueberry cold foam (half and half + blueberry and vanilla syrup, foamed) served over any iced drink, but it pairs best with their matcha. Other summer specials include vegan Vanilla Cold Foam Chai, Chocolate Orange Zest Cold Foam Cold Brew and Orange White Mocha Shaken Espresso. 


Nitro Cold Brew at Junction Coffee 


Junction Coffee’s double decker bus closes for the hot, summer months, but their brick and mortar on Automobile Alley is open year-round. Pop in for their nitro cold brew, and sit on their back patio, which is covered and cool in the early mornings and late evenings.