Visit OKC and Shop Good have joined forces to create a new line of apparel and gifts inspired by OKC's tagline, The Modern Frontier. Visit OKC launched this destination campaign two years ago, and it has been embraced by residents and visitors alike. Featuring iconic symbols such as the Scissortailed Flycatcher and Oklahoma River to the Devon Tower and OKC Streetcar, the collection includes hand-printed apparel and accessories for everyone to enjoy. 
Visitors and locals can find these custom OKC gifts and apparel at Shop Good’s locations in Automobile Alley and Chisholm Creek, as well as online. The Modern Frontier collection is also carried by a variety of local retailers across the city, including Painted Door Gift Boutique, Blue Seven, DNA Galleries, Coki Bay and Resonate Gift Shop. 

Part of the essence behind The Modern Frontier campaign is embracing the attributes that make our city special while infusing them with our individual style to make it our own. Bringing this campaign into lifestyle apparel and gifts is yet another way to celebrate OKC.  
All items in the collection meet rigorous global standards for ethical production and fair labor, certified by independent third-party audits. This means you’ll not only look good but feel good about supporting local retailers and sustainable products.