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    Mediterranean Imports, Deli & Gastro Goods


    Mediterranean Imports & Deli is at the heart of Atif Asal & his family. This is its story from "bakla-what?" to becoming a community staple, and introducing the new family that will carry on Atif's traditions and make new traditions of their own! After working as a sous chef at the Sheraton in Oklahoma City for a year, it became important to Atif to be able to maintain a schedule that allowed him to be home with his family for dinner. He was part owner in a pizza restaurant and then left after a short while to open Mediterranean Imports, focused initially on imported groceries from around the Mediterranean and on vitamins and supplements. Atif and his wife, Afaf, ran the small operation. Each year, as popularity grew so did the store's selections. The grocery section expanded, a gourmet deli of imported meats & cheese were added, and finally the restaurant/eating area. With each expansion, the location moved down the block of stores on 36th and MacArthur until settling into the corner position. As Oklahoma grew to love Middle Eastern cuisine, Atif & our crew made many appearances at the Arts Festival of Oklahoma in the early 90s. People were discovering the delicious secret of Middle Eastern cooking and they loved it!