The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is almost here. For all you runners – especially half and full marathoners – a carb load beginning three to seven days before the run prevents you from hitting a wall on race day. Runners typically start adding extra carbs to their diets seven days ahead of an event (three days for half marathon) because processed carbs are stored as glycogen in the body, and glycogen is easier to access than fat. It’s quick fuel for high-demand performance. Science aside, carbs are also delicious, so runners and their cheering squad can all benefit from some local food designed to get you race ready.  


Big Truck Tacos

The breakfast burritos are hearty and full of carbs, including white rice, refried beans and avocados. The lunch or dinner tacos and burritos come in a variety of special builds, but you can build your own to optimize your training goals.  


Cafe Kacao

This modern Guatemalan food for breakfast, brunch and lunch, is one of OKC’s best ways to lay on the carbs. Start with tostadas slathered with refried black beans and red sauce. The “Mama’s Recipes” portion of the menu focuses on traditional Guatemalan dishes like motulenos and Izabal breakfast, and black beans, tortillas, plantains, and avocado are all over the menu.  


Elemental Coffee

A destination for excellent food and coffee in Midtown, Elemental’s overnight oats are the perfect breakfast leading up to the race. You’ll find a whole menu of other healthy and not-so-healthy options, including a sandwich with house-made peanut butter and jam (or local honey) and a delicious sweet potato mash on the Sweet Jesus sandwich. 


Harvey Bakery & Kitchen

While it’s best known for Chef Alyssa Ulrich’s magical croissants and other pastries, it’s also home to her made-from-scratch breads, including sourdough. You get a choice of bread for all the sandwiches, so sourdough with chicken salad or the Green Goddess is excellent, but so is a classic club on sourdough. 


Hatch Early Mood Food

Hatch is a breakfast, brunch and lunch joint with a carb-heavy menu, including overnight oats, bruleed oatmeal, numerous pancake options, a yogurt parfait and avocado toast. 


Jimmy B’s Culinary + Krafted

A popular lunch and dinner spot on the northern edge of Automobile Alley, the menu is a delicious mash-up of American and Asian specialties, but in between all the low-carb fare, you’ll find a Thai steak and noodle salad, kimchi fried rice, garlic noodles and spaghetti with chicken meatballs.  


The Jones Assembly

A combination venue and restaurant, this is one of OKC’s most popular hotspots. You’ll find a host of options here too, including roasted beets, charred carrots, a quinoa-heavy Buddha bowl, stunning rigatoni and wood-fired pizzas.  


Read our Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon Guide for more information and tips to plan for your weekend in the Modern Frontier!