Oklahoma’s origin story is steeped in unique cultures and traditions.

This complex history chronicles a series of national and international events that brought a range of new cultures to Oklahoma City through the decades and created a multicultural hub that fuses traditions and flavors. This diversity has made international dining options one of Oklahoma City’s worst kept secrets for locals. In fact, there are no less than thirty nationalities and ethnicities making traditional foods in the metro, an astounding number for a city famous for chicken-fried steak and onion burgers. Latin American, Middle Eastern, East Asian, Mexican, European and even North African – our food scene is incredibly diverse, reflecting a modern-day population who came here with great hope for the opportunity to own their business, gather their friends and family and share home around a table.


Café do Brazil

For brunch, get the divorciados, and for dinner, the feijoada.



Northern Noodle House

The dumplings are handmade, so don’t pass on them, and then pick your favorite noodle bowl.

Szechuan Bistro

This bistro features spicy Szechuan peppercorns in many dishes, so just pick “Szechuan style” from the menu options for an authentic and spicy experience.



El Fogon de Edgar

Start with the empanadas! Ask for extra aji verde (the salsa), and save some for the sobrebarriga and rice.



Queen of Sheba

Beef, lamb or chicken – it’s impossible to go wrong, and they have a ton of vegetarian options, too. Be adventurous and eat with your hands.


Fusion Korean

La Brasa

Owner James Vu goes slightly off traditional with his bibimbapp, but the kalbi tacos are exactly what you’re expecting, and it’s all delicious.



La Baguette Bistro

The Buthion brothers, including Chef Alain, have been making brilliant French cuisine for more than 40 years. Get the duck, and enjoy the stellar wine list.

Café Cuvee in Ambassador Hotel

Start with the tart and a few oysters, and then move on to the incredible tartare. The menu is seasonal the rest of the way, but it’s classic French.



Café Kacao

No matter what, you’ll need more green sauce, and the black bean puree is insanely good. For an authentic rustic breakfast, motulenos, but for the meat lover, cochinita pibil.



Goro Ramen + Izakaya

So much to love here, and the ramens are very popular, including the vegan, but you should never leave without trying the catfish kara age and a skewer of chicken hearts.




It’s all about the hashwa: seasoned beef, slivered almonds, perfectly cooked rice. Magic.




Best tzatziki in the city! Chef Shelby Sieg – she beat Bobby Flay! – also serves lamb tagine, and it’s on our ten things you have to have when you’re in OKC list.



Honestly, you could stop at every taqueria on SW 29th and enjoy $2 tacos, and you’d be forever in love with OKC. La Tropicana is easy because it’s between the main taqueria districts, it’s brand new, and it’s full service. Get the tacos dorados and extra green sauce.


Pakistan (and India)

Sheesh Mahal is a halal restaurant that happens to make the best Indian and Pakistani food in the city. Green chicken is a must, but vegetarian options are plentiful and stellar.



VII Asian Bistro

Pho, get the pho. Or if you like spicy, bun bo hue.


Growing up in Vietnam, comfort food is thit ko to, clay pot pork. Try it at Lido, and it’ll be your new comfort food.