American Indian Cultural Center and Museum will open in spring 2021
under new brand, FAM

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum today announced a new name and brand for the center: First Americans Museum (FAM). The new name, selected in part for its historical accuracy, illustrates FAM’s future-focused mission to serve as a dynamic center that promotes awareness and understanding of the cultural diversity, authentic history and contributions of the 39 First American Tribal Nations in Oklahoma today.

“As we approach the opening of this world-class museum, I was in full agreement with the leadership of the initiative that it was appropriate to move forward with a brand that truly reflects the story we’re going to tell here,” said Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt. “As a proud Osage and a proud mayor, I am thrilled to see this exciting project move forward as the First Americans Museum. FAM will be a unique, global destination where we celebrate our Native culture and the 39 tribal nations in Oklahoma today.”

FAM is located in the heart of Oklahoma at the crossroads of four major interstates, positioning it as the gateway to First American Nations both east and west. The institution will appeal broadly to local, national and international audiences, offering vibrant experiences for all ages, families, and individuals who want to engage in shared American history.

“This cultural center and museum will serve as a dynamic venue where tribal voices celebrate Native American culture and contributions to our state,” said Bill Anoatubby, Chickasaw Nation governor and chairman of the Native American Cultural and Educational Authority. “Tribes are an active and stabilizing force in Oklahoma with deep and permanent roots. Through this museum, we carry forward our stories and culture for the benefit of all Americans today and in the future.”

While there is no one reference that adequately addresses all the complexities of many diverse nations in one concise term, the FAM brand was created to convey the institution’s intention to share stories, history and cultural lifeways from the first-person perspective to create a unique visitor experience.

“Our mission at FAM is to promote awareness of First American cultures, past and present. Our geographic placement and innovative vision will allow FAM to serve as a gateway to tribes both to the east and the west,” said Gregg Wadley, chairman of the American Indian Cultural Center Foundation. “We look forward to celebrating the cultural diversity, authentic history and contributions of the 39 First American Tribal Nations right here in Oklahoma.”

The FAM logo, comprised of bold typography, vibrant colors and triangle motifs, is an inclusive and modern expression of First Americans’ arts and cultures. Its accompanying tagline, “One Place, Many Nations,” represents the 39 tribal nations and their relationships to the First Americans Museum.

“We are taking a bold approach to explore and honor the rich cultures of Oklahoma’s First Americans in one central location,” James Pepper Henry, executive director of the First Americans Museum said. “The First Americans Museum will be unique in the way it will share the histories and rich cultures of our tribes – through an immersive experience of live programming, exhibitions, art, food, music and dance.” 

FAM will provide an array of engaging and vibrant experiences, including the Tribal Nations Gallery, Smithsonian Gallery, FAMily Discovery Center, two theaters, dining, shopping, and a wide array of programs and events. For more information about the First Americans Museum, visit and follow FAM on social media at First Americans Museum (Facebook, YouTube) and @FAMokMuseum (Instagram, Twitter).


About First Americans Museum

The First Americans Museum will serve as a dynamic center promoting awareness and educating the broader public about the unique cultures, diversity, history, contributions and resilience of the First American Nations in Oklahoma today.