More than 21,000 destinations were evaluated to determine the top 100 rankings

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA (January 20, 2022) – Tourism Sentiment Index has released Leading Places: The 100 Most Loved Destinations Around the World for 2021, and Oklahoma City is #97 in the rankings and is the only city in Oklahoma to make the list.

For the first time ever, destinations around the world have been ranked to uncover those that are most-loved. These top destinations made the list according to consumer sentiment – what people really feel. Being named in the rankings means Oklahoma City has earned the love and an impressive Tourism Sentiment Score® during one of the toughest years the tourism industry has faced.

“Oklahoma City saw rapid growth of attractions, restaurants and hotels in 2021, and we expect 2022 to be no different,” said Zac Craig, President of the Oklahoma City Conventions and Visitors Bureau. “Every day, we are excited to tell Oklahoma City’s story, and these online conversations show the enthusiasm for this destination.”

In the past year, Oklahoma City opened the First Americans Museum, or FAM, which highlights the stories and impact of the 39 distinctive First American Nations in Oklahoma today. FAM continues to generate national attention from media outlets and visitors from across the US. The Oklahoma City Convention Center and Omni Hotel also brought in many visitors to Oklahoma City, as well as several new boutique hotels, attractions and marquee annual events. Visit OKC also recently launched the Modern Frontier Attractions Pass, a free digital passport for exploring attractions around OKC. Now, it’s easier than ever to find things to do around the city.

Tourism Sentiment Index conducted an intensive study of its data – more than 1.6 billion online conversations and content pieces publicly available about 21,330 global destinations – to identify the 100 Most Loved Destinations. Tourism Sentiment Index is cutting-edge technology that applies the power of artificial intelligence to the challenge of deciphering sentiment from human expression. This technology produces a novel metric for destination marketing: Tourism Sentiment Score®. This is the metric that the tourism industry has been missing since the dawn of the internet.

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