Buying secondhand is not second best! Quirky pieces and unique finds are waiting for you at one of these vintage and resale stores in Oklahoma City. Thankfully, thrifting is trending, so get in on these environmentally friendly options while they’re hot. 


Thrifting can be thrilling. If you find it fun to go on the hunt, try a local Goodwill. Although you have to sift through buckets or racks of clothes, their prices can’t be beat. You’d be surprised at what high-end brands you can find with a little digging. There are a dozen or so Goodwill locations in OKC.  


Daisy Exchange started in Tulsa in 2005 and now has five locations in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Their stores focus on fashion-forward, name-brand clothing at shockingly low prices. They stock gently-used clothing by brands that you would find at the mall. You leave there looking like you spent a lot of money, but your wallet won’t be hurting.  


Bad Granny’s Bazaar, in the Plaza District, has a great selection of used and throwback clothes. You’ll find fashion from the 50s to 90s and small knick-knacks, as well as accessories. Year-round, they supply items like vintage denim, authentic period pieces and costume jewelry that will help you put together a perfect outfit. When Halloween rolls around, you’ll find the in-the-know locals heading to Bad Granny’s. 


Dig It is also in the Plaza District. Although their store is smaller than Bad Granny’s, it doesn’t lack quality. They offer unique and one-of-a-kind art, jewelry, t-shirt designs and vintage clothing. You’ll also find local band t-shirts, records and cassette tapes there as well. 


Orange Peel, located in the Britton District, is a quirky and curated vintage store.They put in the work of searching for high-end vintage, so you don't have to! When you walk into their store, you'll be greeted with bright orange walls and racks of colorful clothing from various vendors. They also carry some home decor and gift items.