Downtown Oklahoma City is a lively metropolitan area filled with vibrant districts, delicious restaurants and tons of shops worth stepping into.  

One of the easiest ways to zip around downtown and check out the sites is by way of e-scooters. There are multiple brands in OKC that only require a phone app and a few dollars. An e-scooter is the perfect way to get from place to place in a hurry.  

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you head out: 

  • There are certain zones that may restrict where you can ride, your speed or the ability to end your ride. These zones appear as shaded areas outlined on the map in your app to help you comply with local regulations. 

  • We recommend that you wear a helmet, but in OKC, it's not required.  

  • You must be 18 years or older to ride a scooter. 

Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to head out! 

In the heart of downtown is a great place to start. Scissortail Park is a 70-acre urban oasis that consists of a huge walking trail, a dog park, basketball and sport courts, a playground, a splash pad, a performance stage and so much more. If you get hungry while you’re zooming around Scissortail, head to Spark, a burger and shake stand on the edge of the park. If you like a little kick on your patty, you’ll definitely want to try the “Hottie Spark.” 

While you’re there, head just up the road to see the Myriad Gardens, a gorgeous botanical wonder that is adorned with a sunken lake, a playground and merry-go-round and plenty of seasonal activities throughout the year. 

Next door to Myriad Gardens is Paycom Center, home to the OKC Thunder. When Paycom is activated with a game or concert, several streets surrounding the area are shut down. Even if you’re an Oklahoma City resident, grabbing a scooter is a great way to get dinner and head to the game or event without having to find a parking spot right next to the stadium. And when Paycom is quiet, you can still access the merchandise store Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

After you pass Myriad Gardens and Paycom Center, keep scooting north on Robinson. Between 4th and 6th Street, the OKC National Memorial will be to your left. Scooters are not welcome on these sacred grounds, but stop and ponder from the sidewalk. The Outdoor Symbolic Memorial can be seen from Robinson Ave., as well as the Fence. The first Fence was installed to protect the site of the Federal Building. Today, part of the original Fence gives people the opportunity to leave tokens of remembrance and hope. 

Head further north, and you’ll hit Automobile Alley. Now is a great time to explore on foot because there are several shops and attractions along Auto Alley that you’ll want to pop into. 

First is Plenty Mercantile, a retailer that champions sustainability and hospitality while curating a fantastic shop. I always seem to find myself leaving the store with a few bars of delicious Bedre chocolate or a mouth-watering homemade rice krispy treat.  

If you enjoy immersive art experiences, Factory Obscura in Automobile Alley is one of the best in the entire nation. One of the most creative and zany spaces in the Modern Frontier, Factory Obscura is not your typical art gallery, and that’s all part of the allure with this outstanding example of artistic excellence in OKC.  

If you want to grab a coffee, some homemade candy or a delectable pastry, Katiebug's is just down the street from Factory Obscura. A family-owned business, this Automobile Alley staple is a local favorite and is always one of the busiest places in Oklahoma City when fall and winter roll around. 

Once you’ve re-energized with some caffeine, head over to S&B Burger Joint, another Automobile Alley staple. One of the most recognizable hamburger restaurants in the OKC metro, S&B has a big menu that is sure to make everyone in your group happy. 

Getting to all of these attractions, retailers and restaurants in one day would usually be a bit of a walk. But it is an easy trip to make on one of the many e-scooters scattered around downtown Oklahoma City.