Picking a place to eat can be a daily struggle. Next time you’re in town and in the mood for anything from barbeque to onion burgers, make it easy and pick one of Oklahoma City’s "As Seen on TV" restaurants. 

From Man V. Food to Cupcake Wars, we’ve rounded up a handful of eateries featured on TV. 


Cattlemen’s Steakhouse

Featured on: Man V. Food & Diners, Drive-In and Dives

What to Eat:  Step into OKC’s oldest restaurant, opened in 1910, for some true cowboy cuisine.  For starters, try lamb fries like Adam Richman on Man V. Food. If you’re unsure what they are, just think Rocky Mountain Oysters, but instead of cows, think sheep. For the main course, Guy Fieri tried the Peppercorn Steak, but the best steak on the menu is always the Blue Ribbon. It’s USDA Prime beef, and it comes with sides.



Featured on: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

What to Eat: Guy Fieri came to try the fried ribs, but left wishing he’d had the chicken neck bones, too. Florence Jones Kemp is now 89, and she’s been working at her restaurant since it opened in 1952. Florence’s daughter Victoria Kemp is now the operating partner, and soul food is still the heart of the menu. If it’s pear pie day, don’t leave without it.


Leo’s Barbeque

Featured on: Diners, Drive-In and Dives

What to Eat: This hidden gem of a barbeque joint, which used to be an old gas station, has been serving up delicious barbeque since 1974. It’s made a name for itself with its delicious ribs and tasty barbeque sauces. A bonus of eating at Leo’s—you get a free slice of strawberry-banana cake with every meal!


Nic’s Grill

Featured on: Diners, Drive-In and Dives

What to Eat: Nic’s Grill is an Oklahoma City staple, serving up some of the best burgers in the state. The massive burger is served over house-made curly fries. Get there before opening to stand in line, because this 17-seat diner fills up fast. Nic has opened another restaurant in Midtown, so don’t be confused; the burgers, while delicious, are not the same.


Mama E's Wings and Waffles

Featured on: Diners, Drive-In and Dives & Restaurant Impossible

What to Eat: For some unforgettable soul food, Mama E’s is where you want to go. From chicken and waffles to golden fried catfish to creamy, rich mac ‘n’ cheese, you can’t go wrong here. And, yes, you’re going to want the greens.


Green Goodies

Featured on: Cupcake Wars

What to Eat: Green Goodies won their episode of “Cupcake Wars” for their lemon-pomegranate, hazelnut-vanilla bean, chipotle-dark chocolate, and dark chocolate coconut caramel cupcakes and for a good reason. This shop offers vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and classic cupcakes, and you honestly can’t tell a difference because they are all so good. You can stop in their store at Classen Curve and grab a cupcake (or two) and also enjoy a light lunch or frozen yogurt while you’re there.


The Saucee Sicilian

Featured on: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

What to Eat: This popular food truck serves Neapolitan-style pizzas and delicious meatballs. They have one of the strongest social media game in town, and that certainly helped their popularity, but the food doesn’t need propping up: it’s stellar. For the meat-lover, the Noto pie is where it’s at: famous meatballs, spicy soppressata, garlic, basil and red sauce. Mama!


Stone Sisters Pizza

Featured on: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

What to Eat: Get any pie with the spelt crust. Honestly, we’d eat the flavorful, nutty crust by itself. They also have cauliflower and gluten-free crust options, and the specialty pies are the way to go. The Bossy Big Sister is loaded with meat, Lovera’s Caciocavera cheese, and penne pasta. Yes, pasta. Try it! Good news: for dessert, the brownies are gluten-free.


Chick N Beer

Featured on: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

What to Eat: Wings, of course! The genius of this Uptown 23rd eatery is the sauces—and the gluten-free option, made with potato flour. The flavors range from gochujang to spicy Szechuan and even root beer bbq, with some traditional sauces mixed in, like salt and pepper and lemon-pepper, but be adventurous! For your side, try the spicy fries or the sweet potato waffle.