Get your kicks on Route 66!

Oklahoma has the most drivable miles on Route 66 and some of the Mother Road's most iconic landmarks, attractions and destination dining. Here are a few must see stops along Route 66.

1. Overholser Bridge


This bridge was built in 1924. And although it lost its official association with Route 66 in 1958, its long time service solidified Overholser Bridge as a Mother Road landmark.

2. Tower Theatre


Tower Theatre was originally built in 1936, but it sat dilapidated and unused for many years. Finally in 2005, it was restored to its former glory. Tower Theatre, located in Uptown 23rd, is used today as a music and movie venue.

3. State Capitol of Oklahoma


Oklahoma's state capitol was originally in Guthrie but moved to OKC in 1910. The building features stained glass, murals and art exhibits that you can see on a guided tour. The Capitol building also recently underwent renovations and has a new museum with an enhanced visitor experience. Fun fact: the capitol complex is the only state capitol complex to have working oil wells on-site!

4. Will Rogers Theatre


Located on Western Avenue, Will Rogers Theatre is now an event venue for weddings, banquets and receptions. Originally, though, it was a single screen theater that served OKC post World War II.  

5. Cheever's Cafe


For generations, Cheever's was a family-owned floral shop, but now it is a restaurant known for its "contemporary comfort food." Cheever's is a local favorite and has been for a couple of decades.

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